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Treat virgin hair properly for a continued beautiful look


Mention any celebrity with great hair that you have been coveting, and chances are, it is virgin hair; absolutely unprocessed and intact, and therefore of high quality. That is what Virgin Brazilian Hair is. With no added dyes, bleaches, curls, texture, and in no way chemically processed, Virgin Brazilian Hair is of high quality and meets extremely thorough standards.

Recently, Virgin Brazilian Hair has caused a buzz on the internet with people singing its praise. Being the markets most sought after texture, it has found its use among celebrities such as Beyonce and Kerry Washington among others. It is also ideal during occasions such as weddings, stage performances, appearances on TV, red carpet functions, and on movie acts.

virgin brazilian hairThe high demand for Virgin Brazilian Hair in the market today can be explained by the fact that it is soft, think in density, and very durable. It can go through five sew-ins without experiencing a single tangle. That is a big plus for Virgin Brazilian Hair; t doesn’t shed. Even more, irregardless of ethnic origin (whether Caucasian or African-American), virgin Brazilian hair is such is such that it blends with the extreme hair textures of diverse cultures. It has natural curls which it holds for long, a lot of body with a natural shine, and a lustre which is low to medium. These qualities make Virgin Brazilian Hair very luxurious, versatile across diverse cultures with varied hair textures, and its density (thickness) ensures that it doesn’t easily frizz. Few hair types combine these qualities in one.

So, what makes Virgin Brazilian Hair Unique? To answer this question, one needs to understand where it comes from. Virgin Brazilian Hair comes from a single donor. The implication of a single donor is that all cuticles are intact, and more, they run in the same direction, so no tangling. This hair is not taken through a blow-drier, and it is ensured that it has not in the past been exposed to harmfully hash conditions such as drugs and cigarette smoke. As much as the harvesting of Virgin hair is time consuming, it is meticulously done to ensure it is of premium quality, and delivers the value that virgin hair promises to deliver; great natural look for long time.

Majority of those who have known the incomparable quality, durability and versatility of Cheap Brazilian Hair Extensions use it to construct closure pieces, lace front wigs and hair extensions for best results. They could come as curly, wavy or straight depending on individual preferences, and in natural shades of either light brown, brown or dark brown.

Having said all that, it should be noted though that one needs to treat virgin hair properly for a continued beautiful look. The same care and attention you give to your own hair ought to be accorded to virgin Brazilian hair. Regular careful washes and frequent visits to your hairstylist is a prerequisite to keep the promise of a great look and the feel of virgin hair.

Make comfortable out of your vacations.


Vacations can mean different things for different people. It could be a break from routine, a deliberate escape, or just the opportunity to do nothing. Whatever your preference or personality is, here is a list of 5 questions you want to ask yourself. Read on and learn how to make the best of vacations.

go on vacation1. What do I want to do with my time?
People define fun in different ways. You can enjoy a Slow and Steady vacation where you find a niche where you can read a book on your own, or find the time to sleep all day. You can enjoy being Enriched by Culture and exploring a country you have never been in and have only read in magazines or watched in Discovery. Or you can be the type that looks for a Party Paradise where drinking is a must and man- or woman-hunting is a plus! Personally though, I enjoy what I call Tropical Trips where appreciating nature is a big part of my agenda. I find peace in exploring the woods or dipping into the cool, clear waters of Maldives. The idea of the first question is to find your purpose. Prioritize what you want to do this vacation, and maybe reserve the others for another vacation trip.

2. How much am I willing to invest in this experience?
Yes, taking a vacation is an investment. Like it or not, it is an experience where you will be having more money going out than in. But of course, it is not as simple as knowing your financial resources (though that is a big part of it). Investment also talks about your valuable time. How many days can you get off work to enjoy this vacation? And will you be having company in this vacation or are you going solo? Spending time with friends or loved ones on a vacation is a wonderful investment in your relationships, but going on an adventure on your own is a healthy investment in yourself as well. So before making any plans, know which one you need the most right now.

3. What does the world have to offer?
Given your resources in number 2, look at the variety of your options. Dig through blogs about traveling and research about your potential places. Find good deals, grab those coupons, and rekindle those connections. This is not necessarily being cheap. Think of it as being efficient. You don’t want to go to places and worry about spending too much for a product that you could have gotten for a better price. But then again, you don’t want to be disappointed at what you booked just because it’s the cheapest. Find the balance between your resources and what’s out there.

taking a vacation
4. Do I know what I’ll do?
Sometimes, people get caught up in the planning and booking. Don’t forget your number 1. What are your non-negotiable? I have been in planning trips where they started the discussion wanting to visit museums and old structures, and found ourselves cooling off at the nearest waterfalls instead. So stick with your purpose. Remember, you have other vacations to enjoy the other experiences. Sticking to a few items at a time would be less stressful And finally.

5. What can I take home?
Even if you’re going with your family or friends, you still want to take home the experience. This is often limited to getting food at a new country you’ve been in, or T-magnets to give away of that mountain you climbed. You also want to be able to capture the experience in photos or videos. While you’re out there, don’t rush running off to the next stop. Take the time to breathe in the experience and snap a photo or two. It would allow your loved ones back home to see what you saw, hear what you heard, and basically experience what you did. Take home stories to tell and things that you felt. It would be good for them, and for you as well. It allows you to re-live the experience, even it only comprises of enjoying a tea at the top of your rented Airbnb in another city.

Keep these questions in mind and take a reset time on your vacations.

Dubrovnik is an internationally famous tourist destination


Dubrovnik is situated on the edge of the coast on the Adriatic Sea. This city has a breathtaking landscape, beautiful old town and lot of historical means which are elegantly preserved to maintain the medieval charm. While the city has a long history, its actual development took place in 15th and 16th centuries when Dubrovnik expanded and became a maritime trading center. Now, Dubrovnik is an internationally famous tourist destination engaging thousands of tourists from all over the world.
big photo for dubrovnikTalking about the history, Dubrovnik played a vital role in the independence of Croatia. During the war between Croatia and Yugoslav around twenty years ago, Dubrovnik was sieged by Yugoslav army but the siege lasted for only 7 months and the Croatian government was successful in defending the city. The city was beautifully restored into a vital jewel of the Croatian Crown. With a population of less than 50000 Dubrovnik is much smaller than you might think. This is a place which is oozing with cultural history and looks stunning in every photograph which will tempt you more to visit this incredible city. The city has everything from historical buildings, breathtaking views and captivating natural wonders. The weather in this unique city is so good even in the summers that it should be at the top in a travel itinerary of any enthusiastic traveler. Roughly half of the tourists arrive here by cruise ships which dock in the city for a single day. All the cruise ships follow the same routine: arriving Dubrovnik in the morning and staying till afternoon. There is a complete list of things to do in Dubrovnik which will be jam packed with at least 15-20 items but if you want to pick something that is must to do if you visit Dubrovnik then it will be the walk along the old city walls and the Game of Thrones tour.
Whether you are visiting Dubrovnik for one day or one week, you just can’t miss the walk along the old city walls as the old town of Dubrovnik is surrounded by thick medieval walls giving you a jaw dropping view. Dubrovnik also sets the scene for the World’s most popular TV series, Game of Thrones. This tour is one of the most famous tour in the World for obvious reason and therefore requires a prior booking. Other things to do in Dubrovnik which will give you a good slice of the scenery and style of the city include visiting the Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary, visiting the Rector’s Palace, taking the sunset cruise, taking a tour to Kayak the Adriatic, experiencing the thrilling views on the summit of Mount SRDJ, enjoying the Elaphiti islands and lunching at some famous restaurant in old town.

There is a lot more to do and explore in Dubrovnik and this place has something for everyone to enjoy. Therefore, if you are taking a first step towards you’re travelling expedition then Dubrovnik must be on the top in your list as this city is extremely beautiful and unique and will give you the most enthralling experience of your life.

Freedom In Every Way


“Geronimoooooo!” What does this word mean? Why do people shout it before jumping from high places? Was it a name? Was it a battle cry from long before? Or was it uttered as some sort of lucky charm?
Colours_of_HappinessThere are many questions surrounding this word, especially regarding its origins, but according to sources there is one clear and accepted story of how this word came to be. Back in the 1940’s, the US army formulated a battle strategy wherein soldiers would be carried to their location by plane and from that high altitude they would jump out of the carrier with a parachute on their backs. One of the first units to try this out, from Fort Benning, Georgia, on the night before their scheduled jump, went to a bar and got themselves drunk. After that they went on to watch a 1933 film entitled “Geronimo” which was about a Native American with a heart of steel who attacked a bunch of armed Mexican soldiers with nothing but a knife, and lived to talk about and be honored for it. Talk about brave! This native deserved the recognition. The soldiers began joking around and accused some of them of being too “chicken” to jump out a plane. Private Aubrey Eberhadt, one of those who were being taunted, proclaimed that the next day, he would shout “Geronimo” as a sign that he was not afraid. And sure enough, he did! Then for some reason it just stuck and soon his own platoon spread the practice to other units and up to this day not only soldiers but also ordinary people shout the word before jumping from high places. Whether it is from a plane or from a cliff or as simple as a diving board. The word “Geronimo” is significant to some people. For them shouting it signified to them that they had freedom. It made them feel liberated. And who wouldn’t feel good about being free, right? Everybody loves the feeling. Nobody likes being trapped in a proverbial cage, and being forced to do things they don’t want to. And so people grab at every opportunity to be who they are, and to feel whatever they want to feel. That then, is the beauty of “Geronimo,” otherwise known as freedom.


Perhaps the calling for us people nowadays, who are so caught up in technology and being “in” that it sometimes becomes the cage for us, is to not only remember this word before jumping. Maybe we should begin incorporating it in everything. Whether it’s in travelling or in the everyday things of life. As humans we should have liberty to do so, and why not? We deserve it. First of all, there should be “Geronimo” in thoughts. You are free to be who you want to be. Life is what you make of it, therefore one should be allowed to think in whatever way he or she wants. After all, great minds are produced whenever there are no inhibitions. When we are free to think, we are free to make. And so we become more beneficial to our respective societies.
Next, there should be a “Geronimo” in words. Everyday millions of women are battered and abused by their husbands and are not able to speak about it. Everyday there are children who are maltreated and are not able to bring the matter to authorities who could potentially help them. There should be freedom in speech, so that pressing matters will be brought into light and so that people will be made aware and be called to action.
Lastly, there should be a “Geronimo” in actions. This means liberty to do whatever one wants, to do whatever one feels he or she needs to. And to some degree, there should be freedom to make mistakes! Because if we don’t, how are we ever going to learn? There is a lesson behind every error, and this should be our motivation to try everything we want as long as we keep in mind to find meaning behind the mistakes we make. Every chance we get is an opportunity to get better!

All of these signify the importance of liberty to our lives as humans. Without it, we are society’s robots, left without choices and without opportunities for change. We were made to be free! And so with that, go out today, live your life as you want, and face every day with “Geronimoooooooo!”

There is a rooted history in how curly hair


long-curly-hair-cuts-04Brazilian curly hair has been adorn on women’s heads since Ancient Greece to the Renaissance period and even recently towards the 1980’s. There are different kinds of curls and different ways to wear them all. Some fit on certain woman while other trends are universal. If not for physically advantageous reasons, Brazilian curly hair has been practiced, for a long time, for fashionable and contemporary looks. There is a rooted history in how Brazilian curly hair was brought up and worn and many different ways to wear it.

There are quite a few theories as to why the curl has been so widely recognized and borrowed by so many cultures. One of which is the idea of leaders in the past wearing Brazilian Curly Hair. This would give the idea to people of lower hierarchy to wear curls on their hair as well, since it would most likely give them prestige and money also. The idea was to look as much like their leaders as possible. For example, there was once a King Louis IV of France in 18th century Europe. He had thinning hair and, in the process of getting sufficient wigs to cover his head, invented Brazilian curly wigs. This king stature may also have given people lower than him, in terms of prestige, a new fashion trend to follow Another theory is the simple look of it. There isn’t much complexity to the curl, even though it can be made to be complex. Perhaps this simplicity, and in some cases complexity, caused the worldwide fondness of the curl. There were even statues upon statues built with Brazilian curly hair as their focal points to show off what really mattered in their culture. A specific reason as to the beginning of the curl is not determinable as all have different speculations, which don’t point towards a central beginning.

Curling, as many women nowadays can imagine, is not very difficult to do. In the past, people who wanted curls needed just their fingers and a curling motion with their fingers. Perchance this is where the term “curling” comes from. In today’s world, there are complex gadgets and technology to help the modern woman to achieve the glamorous looks that they desire. These electronics include curling irons, flat irons, and hair rollers, however, some still prefer their hands and fingers to get specific curls. In the history of the world, people are born with many different types of hair styles. This does not mean that any specific products have to be used to acquire that hair style look, but the individual is born with it. In this pops up the debate: Why are some people born with Brazilian curly hair while others are born with straight hair? Behind this question, however, there is some science involved. Let’s dash through the facts right now, shall we?

brazilian curly hairBasically, it is genetics. When these connections between the four-chain structures are not met, there is no Brazilian curly hair, just straight hair. Another way to look at it is by looking at the nature of a hair follicle. An asymmetrical hair follicle produces an oval-shaped hair, making it Brazilian curly. On the other hand, a symmetrical hair follicle will produces round hair that will grow straight.

Many people would look at Brazilian curly hair as a positive thing, and it is. There are many benefits to Brazilian curly hair such as the exotic look of it, the fashionable trends to use it with, and how naturally Brazilian curly hair can save money rather than spending it on products that will make straight hair Brazilian curly. There are some cases, however, where Brazilian curly hair becomes more of a nuisance than a convenience. For example, it may be stubborn to get rid of for certain hair styles. If a certain individual born with Brazilian curly hair wants to try a different hair style which requires more flexible, they most likely won’t have an easy time with their hair. Another negative of Brazilian curly hair, for some, may be the inability to make it work with the rest of their outfit. For others, this may be only a minor problem. There are plenty of solutions for this and many people have sought after these. In fact, pretty much anything can be worn with Brazilian curly hair, whether that be some sort of jeans, shorts, sweatshirts, t-shirts, or even v-necks. Even skirts and dresses are great to wear with some curls in your hair.

Say Geronimo


Geronimo is basically a word that means freedom, or even excitement and happiness when having achieved something, and it is a word commonly used, especially by skydivers as an exclamation of excitement or happiness. It originated in the United States and has since been used worldwide, in very many countries. It is an interesting word to exclaim especially when doing something brave, such as jumping from a high place as it has been known to give the courage, motivation and the braveness to do the risky and dangerous acts or performances, which most people will fear, especially if you are trying out a stunt for the very first time.

say geronimoDescription
If you have been involved in performing or doing of risky or daring acts such as skydiving, pool diving from a high place or even moving a high speed, you may probably hear people using certain words, where geronimo may probably be one of them. Most people while doing these performances may not really have the courage, especially when trying out by yourself, but it may turn out that the word used, may stir up some courage and inner drive to do it even with excitement. My perception, is that if you use the word geronimo, you simply obtain more excitement, or even passion to do the act, even if you were not willing. Similarly, if you are doing the stunt as a group, such as with several more people in a situation where some may feel not to have the courage they need, the word geronimo when exclaimed, may automatically stir or bring out a feeling of excitement and courage as well as inner drive to perform the act as a whole. It will also seem easier to do the action when you exclaim the word as compared to doing it when you are silent or do not mention anything.

Advantages of using the word
– When you use the word geronimo, it is very easy to bring out excitement in any situation, even if you may have some form of fear, or even doubts on doing something.
– Exclaiming or shouting the word geronimo may automatically bring courage and inner drive when doing any kind of action, no matter how hard it may seem or risky, but you may still be able to have courage at the end of it all.
– If you have a group, such as three or more people, where you want to do a stunt, such as jumping from a plane and skydiving, or any other act that really needs courage, then shouting ‘geronimo’ may automatically stir motivation among the other members of the team, especially those who may have had doubts in performing the act.
– Geronimo also seems to bring the feeling of freedom and inner ability, where you can tell yourself and encourage yourself to do anything that you want to do, as long as it is achievable. It can enable you to remove any inner doubt that you may have within you to do anything that may seem impossible or extremely risky in normal circumstances.

Points to Note
-The word ‘geronimo’ may be important to use, especially when giving yourself courage in risky situations, but it may not be conducive to use in all situations, since some stunts may be very risky and may cause you to end up losing your life, or even get very bad or severe injuries when doing a stunt.

In my view, it may be best to use the word when you are with a group, such that you can motivate the rest of your members or even when alone and yet doing a dangerous stunt, you need to know how to exclaim the word in such a way that it can help you to have the courage. Conclusion Geronimo has been known to be a very common word used by people especially when doing risky things, but it is very important to note on the most important way that you can use the word, or where you can say geronimo, such that you have the courage and inner motivation to do whatever you desire to do, however risky that it may seem. It is an awesome word to use to instill courage and inner ability and drive to almost any situation at the same time bringing excitement in whatever you would want to do!